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Our company was established in 1967.  Since that time we have been in continuous production of pre-stressed/precast products for the state, counties/parishes, cities, and various private and governmental agencies.  We have also been involved with research projects with local universities such as LSU, University of South Florida, and others.  We have participated in speeches/presentations for schools such as Auburn University and the University of Georgia discussing various topics related to our line of work.  We also have been involved with research projects for the Federal Highway Administration on such topics as long-span splice girder systems, post-tension U-beam, along with other innovative products.

We offer years of pre-stressed/precast knowledge along with the latest mixing, fabrication and curing facilities.  All testing and stressing equipment are checked daily and are certified as being within calibration.  Complete laboratory facilities are available for any inspecting personnel.    

Our facility offers various means of shipment, with trucking and barging available for the contractor's needs.  


Company History